Duane DeFilippo

Duane DeFilippo is the younger brother of the author, Al DeFilippo. Duane preaches regularly at a Messianic Synagogue in Macon, Georgia. Al has provided a page with links to Duane’s moving sermons and spiritual sharings from the Sacred Scriptures. Click on links below to hear Duane DeFilippo.

Duane DeFilippo Spiritual Sharing on Psalm 106 “A Wasting Disease and Beautiful Bookends”

Spiritual Sharing Psalm 119:53 Resh (revive, revival in struggles)

Duane DeFilippo Sermon “The Restoration of All Things.”

Duane DeFilippo shares on Psalm 147 “Praise the Lord”

Duane DeFilippo Sermon “Song of Witness, Song of Life”

Music Adoration: “Let it Rain”

Duane DeFilippo shares on Psalm 1 “