Al DeFilippo on Television

Author, Al DeFilippo has had the privilege of participating in a television program featuring, Place of Hope. Place of Hope is a non-profit, foster care organization which Al works for. At Place of Hope, Al is the Capital Improvement and … Continue reading

John Wesley Barefoot

John Wesley Founder of Methodism Preaches Barefoot I have always marveled at the common-sense wisdom that Francis Asbury possessed. Yes, he did grow up in a blue-collar, hard-working family. His life in the rugged West-Midlands of England taught him many … Continue reading

Francis Asbury SMU Exhibition

SMU Exhibition If you haven’t heard about it, Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas is running a five-month-long exhibition to honor the upcoming bicentennial celebration of the anniversary of the passing of Bishop Francis Asbury. As many of you already … Continue reading