Beggar Bishop Covers Complete

Beggar Bishop Book Covers

The front and back book covers for the second book in the Asbury Triptych Series are complete. Beggar Bishop is the follow-up book to Black Country. It is the second book in this three-book series. After several months of design work by Tyler Fegley, the Beggar Bishop covers are complete. Below are the upcoming front and back covers to Beggar Bishop.

Beggar Bishop Illustration

The beautiful oil painting which makes up the front cover to Beggar Bishop is by the noted artist, Richard G. Douglas. Richard was very kind in offering to supply the illustration for my upcoming book. He also offered the front cover for the third book in the series, Ordination. Mr. Douglas’s paintings are currently supplied with permission from Richard Douglas and the B.L. Fischer Library, at Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, Kentucky. The exquisite depiction of Francis Asbury struggling to pull his horse up a steep embankment completely captures the many struggles that the young itinerant faces in Beggar Bishop.

Beggar Bishop Back Cover Illustration

On the back cover of the book, there is another illustration created by Richard G. Douglas. The line drawing of Francis Asbury, asleep against his horse is perfect, once again capturing the dedication and perseverance of the unstoppable itinerant, Francis Asbury.

Beggar Bishop Covers

Beggar Bishop Front Cover

Beggar Bishop
Front Cover

Beggar Bishop Back Cover

Beggar Bishop
Back Cover

Beggar Bishop Release Date

I would expect Beggar Bishop to be ready for print, sometime this summer.

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