Al DeFilippo on Television

Author, Al DeFilippo has had the privilege of participating in a television program featuring, Place of Hope. Place of Hope is a non-profit, foster care organization which Al works for. At Place of Hope, Al is the Capital Improvement and … Continue reading

Francis Asbury SMU Exhibition

SMU Exhibition If you haven’t heard about it, Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas is running a five-month-long exhibition to honor the upcoming bicentennial celebration of the anniversary of the passing of Bishop Francis Asbury. As many of you already … Continue reading

Bishop Francis Asbury Bicentennial

March 31, 2016, Bicentennial of the Death of Bishop Francis Asbury March 31, 2016, marks the bicentennial date of the passing of Bishop Francis Asbury. Fitting with his 45-year ministry in America is that he finishes his days on a … Continue reading

Gun Control Founding Fathers Podcast

  Gun Control Founding Fathers Preview This post originally appeared at The Asbury Triptych Series website. The media coverage of the deadly mass-school-shootings of the past few years hints at an argument that without fail, projects in opposite directions. On … Continue reading