Francis Asbury Disciplined Podcast

    This podcast details one of the first disciplinary actions taken against Francis Asbury. For more detail on this subject please visit the article originally posted. This disciplinary action occurred when Francis Asbury was a young preacher in England, his … Continue reading

John Wesley Budweiser Beer Ad

John Wesley on Spiritous Liquors? John Wesley Budweiser Beer Ad? This post is the result of coming across a Budweiser Beer advertisement. In this advertisement for Budweiser, John Wesley, the 18th-century, founder of the Methodist religion was portrayed as an … Continue reading

My Methodist History Francis Asbury Circuits in England

My Methodist History article: As of yesterday, one of my favorite blog sites, My Methodist History, has approved me to write articles on its informative website. For some time, I have noticed numerous interesting articles about early Methodism in the … Continue reading

What is a Triptych?

What is a Triptych? What is the Francis Asbury Triptych? Maybe the better question is, what is a triptych? Soon after several years of my wife’s recommendation to convert into a novel my Writer’s Digest award-winning two-hour screenplay about Francis Asbury, … Continue reading