Francis Asbury West Bromwich Childhood Friends

West Bromwich The region in which Francis Asbury grew up is known as the Chicago of the West-Midlands of England. This rugged region which incorporates the town of West Bromwich was at one time the ironworking capital of England. This … Continue reading

Black Country Maps

Excerpt From The Book Black Country “This brisk morning, the grey West Midland sky seems solid as it awaits Birmingham’s foundries’ daily offering of black smoke. The region’s familiar layers of moisture thicken the air. Heat rises from chimney tops … Continue reading

Francis Asbury and Palatine Methodists

Francis Asbury and the Palatines Francis Asbury was a citizen of the West-Midlands of England. Although none of his early preaching circuits in England involved Francis Asbury traveling to Ireland, he eventually interacted with the Methodist worshipers from the Palatine … Continue reading

My Methodist History Francis Asbury Circuits in England

My Methodist History article: As of yesterday, one of my favorite blog sites, My Methodist History, has approved me to write articles on its informative website. For some time, I have noticed numerous interesting articles about early Methodism in the … Continue reading

What is a Triptych?

What is a Triptych? What is the Francis Asbury Triptych? Maybe the better question is, what is a triptych? Soon after several years of my wife’s recommendation to convert into a novel my Writer’s Digest award-winning two-hour screenplay about Francis Asbury, … Continue reading